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Medical properties and health benefits

61-66% water – 3-5% protein – 23% – 30% – 3.5% fiber – volatile oils – Alliinase, Allicin, Scordinins, Seiennium, A, B, C, E Mineral salts, yeast, antifungal substances, blood pressure reducers and bile secretion compounds.

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coriander is a herbaceous herbaceous plant with a high aroma of up to 50 cm. It has fine leafy leaves and small white or pink flowers. It gives small circular fruits yellow to brown. Coriander is a famous seasoning and uses seeds, aromatic oil and leaves.

Scientific name: corindrum saivum

English name: coriander

The tent family: umbelliferae fa. M.

Arabic names: Asparah, Coriander, Kadion, as an album

Original home

The Mediterranean basin is the original home of the plant and is cultivated in southern Europe and Asia Minor, and is spread in most temperate and semi-arid regions. The main producing countries are Russia, Hungary, Sudan, Romania, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iran

Active ingredients in licorice

It contains oils, linoleol, boronol, paracetamol, camphor, geranium, lemon, and fapine. It also contains fatty oils, collarins, flavonoids, phthalates, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin.

The economic and medical importance

1- coriander is used as an indispensable herb whether it is green leaves or as a dry crop with its attractive color seeds. Short-lived, short-lived and simple harvesting needs are simple in harvesting and storage requirements, making it attractive to farmers for low cost of production. Although the area where the crop is currently grown is few, it is expected to spread widely in years

2 – intervention in some food industries such as curry.

3 – Medical uses as a prevention of vomiting and housing for colic and treatment of headaches and dysentery and as a disinfectant against fungi and bacteria and an anthelmintic and protects against high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

The right atmosphere

coriander grows in temperate climates such as the rest of the seasoning of the tent family and is cultivated in Sudan where cultivation is concentrated in the northern states.


There are no specific varieties of licorice and licorice currently cultivated in Sudan, a mixture of breeds known as municipal.

Date of Agriculture

Asparagus is cultivated in Sudan as a winter crop during October and early November. The plant is not sensitive to cold and can resist heat and drought. The delay in agriculture leads to small,

Proper soil

Cactus cultivation is good in most agricultural areas, but it favors yellow and heavy land, good drainage and ventilation. It is not cultivated in wet saline lands and does not tolerate high degrees of alkalinity or acidity, but requires a fairly neutral environment.


Harvesting is done by cutting the fruit plants over the surface of the soil using a sharp shark. When the vegetative total is greenish yellow and its fruit is fully mature and the coloration is yellowish and semi-dry, the harvest should not be long. The delay leads to the separation of part of the seeds from the plants and their loss in the soil. Crop the plants in bundles, transfer them to storage and leave until dry.

The fruits are separated from the dry plant residues by drills.

Production amount: One feddan is given from 1000-1200 kg of dry seeds. The percentage of oil in seeds varies according to the area of ​​agriculture. In Sudan, it is 1-2.5%.

Export Species of Caspia: on the following growth:

1 – sound and clean with a natural smell free of rotting fruits.

2- Free from insects and diseases.

3 – the color of green oblique yellowing.

4. The oil content shall not be less than 0.3%.

5. The total ash content shall not exceed 7% and the dissolved ash content in the acid shall be 5.1%.

6- The humidity shall not exceed 10%


Packaged in solid, solid, dry, clean containers, free of exotic smell, identical in type and specification in tightly sealed packages made of jute, jute or carton, it is preferable to use carton packaging in case of export to keep fruits intact and complete.


Casseroles are stored at limited temperatures while ensuring good ventilation and pest protection


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